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Financial Information

Below is a breakdown of fees for marriage preparation and wedding celebrations at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center.

Marriage Preparation Fee
For couples that choose to complete their marriage preparation at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center there is a $100.00 fee. This fee covers the cost of all the paperwork, administrative work, FOCCUS, etc. This is paid at the initial prenuptial meeting.

The Church
The rental fee for the Old Church and Main Chapel is $1,000 for non-members and $800 for registered active members. Half of the fee is due as a non-refundable deposit with your contract and the remaining balance is due one month before the wedding. Wedding fees cover the cost of a wedding coordinator, Church usage during rehearsal, Church usage during four-hour time block on wedding day, maintenance and utilities.

The Priest or Deacon
It is customary to give the priest or deacon a stipend for officiating at your wedding. The Diocese of Phoenix recommends $100, but the amount is left to your discretion and is considered a gift. If you choose to give your priest or deacon a gift, it must be written directly to him.

Sound Engineer
Sound Engineers are available to assist the musicians and run the sound system during your wedding. This is highly recommended if you have musicians who are unfamiliar with the Newman Center or a visiting celebrant. This way, we can insure that the sound system functions properly at your wedding. If you choose to not hire a Sound Engineer, any damage incurred will be at your expense. The fee for a Sound Engineer is $50.

Music Ministers
Fees vary. You will need to make arrangements for musicians to play at your wedding. However, a list of qualified musicians that have played at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center can be provided upon request.


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"Love for Life"

For couples who are unable to attend our marriage preparation classes, "Love for Life" is the weekend marriage preparation program sponsored by the Diocese of Phoenix's Marriage and Respect Life Office. Engaged couples listen to presentations and insights from married couples on a variety of different topics. Registration is first come, first served. You can visit the Marriage and Family Life Office's Web site for more information.

"A Marriage Seminar for Engaged Couples"

Especially useful for couples in which one partner lives in another state, this seminar meets on one Saturday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The seminar is held at Church of the Resurrection (Tempe) and is offered once a month. For more information, contact Richard Bergkessel at 480-839-9524.

“Catholic Engaged Encounter”

For couples who are unable to attend our marriage preparation classes, this group offers an over-night weekend retreat for engaged couples. For information, visit the Arizona Catholic Engaged Encounter website.

Remarrying Couples Seminar

This seminar is designed as a marriage preparation program for couples in which at least one individual had a previous marriage that ended in death or divorce. You can visit the Marriage and Family Life Office's website for more information.

St. Anne's Convalidation Class

This is an all-day class for couples who are already legally married and are seeking to have their union validated by the Church. It is also appropriate for adults who have been cohabiting for a significant length of time. For more information, please call Jean Estes Gonzales, Marriage Preparation Minister at St. Anne's (Gilbert), at 480-892-4970.

"A Marriage in the Lord"

For couples unable to attend our weekend marriage preparation classes, this seminar meets on one Saturday from 8:30-5:30. Couples interested in this program must meet the following requirements:

  • Neither individual may have been married before, either in the Church or by civil law.
  • There must be at least 3 months between your attendance at this program and your wedding date.
  • You must have already completed your FOCCUS inventory and have met with your sponsor couple or a member of the marriage ministry team.

You can learn more about this workshop at the Franciscan Renewal Center website or by calling the Franciscan Renewal Center at 480-948-7460.

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