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College Night

Picture a multitude of college students.  Throw in lights, music, and awesome media.  Now add a powerful message accompanied by community and inspiration that gives you momentum for the days ahead.  That’s College Night! Perfect if you’re new to asuCatholic and ideal for staying connected! It all goes down Tuesdays evenings on campus.  Check out the events page for time and location. Señor Panda says, “Don’t miss it, mang!” Oh...and we love new people so bring your crew. If you don’t have a crew, you will after College Night.


In case you haven’t heard, asuCatholic retreats are legendary!  Think epic memories, awesome relationships, and a powerful experience you’ll never forget.  Don’t just take our word for it, learn more and register now.

Fall Retreat is coming up! September 20-22, 2019.

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We like to party...we like, we like to party! We can’t pass up eating delicious food and chilling with great people which means there’s a 90% chance that there’s a 100% chance that an awesome asuCatholic party is around the corner. Check out the events page for upcoming parties and DON’T FORGET to sign up to receive updates!

Mission Trips

Water. Food. Faith. Shelter. Hope. Clothing. Compassion. Love. Healing. Jesus. The need is great and it’s global! Join asuCatholic as we answer the call!  Sign up now and get ready to have your life rocked! You’ll never be the same.

Registrations are opened!

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Service Events

A little of your time goes a long way.  Help asuCatholic give back by taking part in one of our local service initiatives. Check and sign up for the next opportunity.

Small Groups

Lot of discovery going on in college, like who you are and who you want to be.  Small groups provide the support and friendship necessary for the journey. There’s nothing like having people around you committed to celebrating the victories and carrying you through the defeats.  Don’t do life alone, inquire now.



Student Leaders

We dream big.  We expect asuCatholic to impact millions.  We strive for the best events, the best retreats, the best everything!  None of it would be realized without our student leaders. They keep asuCatholic relevant and engaging and ensure students are the priority.  If you’re looking for that next step to serve the ASU community, [click below] to apply!