Impacting Lives

11-12-2023Pastor's LetterFr. Rob Clements

Tough decisions had to be made but we’re glad we made a decision last spring to make major changes to our campus ministry program. We didn’t just tweak it a little…we looked at everything, dismantled it and started new.

We are taking a big risk…a big gamble, really. With close to 58,000 ASU undergraduates we had to up our game. We weren’t making the impact or connecting with enough students like we knew we needed to. So, we added to our budget, more people, more events, more activities, and even more food. All to make this program have the biggest impact it can have. We didn’t just add a little here and there...we 2.5x’d our campus ministry program. We had a lot of great things already in place - Sisters of Life, our sacraments programs, most of the pieces of daily Nemwan life, but we needed to do more. We had to make some new substantial investments, not costs…investments.