Mission Trips


“I was pleased to learn of the evangelizing outreach and the joyful vitality of your university chaplaincy, which is a sign of a young, lively Church that “goes forth”. The missions that take place each year in different parts of the country are an impressive and enriching reality. With these, you are able to broaden your outlook and encounter different situations that, along with regular events, keep you on the move.

“Missionaries”, in the etymological sense of the word, are never equal to the mission; they learn to be sensitive to God’s pace through their encounter with all sorts of people who they either did not know, did not have daily contact with or were at a distance”.

—Pope Francis, Speech on the Catholic University of Chile, 2018.


You will have the opportunity to meet men, women and children that have traveled long ways to Nogales asking for asylum in the United States. You will be able to listen to stories and bring smiles to those people there.

Nogales is a Mission Trip like nothing else! It will not only touch the lives of those in Nogales, but touch your life like you never thought it could.

This week will be a time of prayer, service, and growth. You will undoubtedly return back home with a new paradigm of your life here in the United States.


December 14th - 19th, 2019

Mexicali Mission Trip it is a new location that we will be exploring this year! We will be on mission in the “ejidos” (little farms) alongside fellow mexican university students. Most of our work will be focused on Door to Door evangelization and ministering to the needs of the community through service and care of those in need. The Mexican Tradition of “Las Posadas” will also be going on during our trip as we will be joining the neighborhoods in celebrating this tradition. This week will be a time of prayer, service, and growth as we live alongside our Christian brothers and sisters in Mexicali.

Cost is $520. Cost includes housing, transport and meals, but does NOT include immunizations and travel insurances and medications). No reimbursement.


Questions? email: spdmariajose@asucatholic.org


May 14-26, 2020

A journey south of the Equator lands ASUCatholic’s most recent mission trip in the highlands of Ayacucho, Peru. Men and women will break off and travel to different mountain villages throughout the elevated regions of Ayacucho. Time will be spent engaging in door-to-door evangelization and working with the Quechua people on various projects, all while learning the Quechua language. A “yes” to this exciting Peru mission trip will require a 13-day commitment from May 14-26, 2020 as well as an eager heart to serve, learn, grow, and hike a lot!

Cost is $2300 (Cost includes housing, transport and meals, travel insurance, but does NOT include immunizations and travel medications). No reimbursement.

Registration deadline: November 24th, 2019.


Questions? email: spdmariajose@asucatholic.org

Experience Our Past Missions

Wondering what it is like to join us on a mission? Or maybe you want to view the photos and remember the awesome experience you had on a past mission.